Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not Impressed With Republican Party Presidential Primary Candidates

Yesterday CNN was unfortunately falling all over itself to cover what amounted to a meet the Candidate Event down in South Carolina...what a serious waste of air time that ended up being for those of us who regularly tune in to CNN. Not trying to be mean here, but is this the best that the Grand Old Party has to offer the American people, and should we even care about politicians who are pandering to the Tea Party Extremists? Lets give you a quick run down from one person's perspective on the viable candidates (do they have one?).

Ron Paul-Let's get serious...his is not a realistic campaign, he has zero chance of being the standard barer for the Republican Party. He is basically the Republican Party's Ralph Nader.

Mitt Romney-in a word, Billionaire. In two words, Billionaire Mormon. This man will NEVER be the people's president, and he has no clue when it comes to what is best for the average American living on Main Street USA. His just released Job Plan for America...forget about it, it is the same old same old approach that relies upon Trickle Down Economics...Reagan is dead, and most Americans are still waiting for wealth to trickle down to our level.

Rick Perry-Four more years of George W. Bush from a guy that has Rod Blagojevich hair and angry disposition.

Michele Bachmann-Sure, America is going to elect a pro-life, gay hating, rabid right wing Tea Party darling as the Cheerleader in Chief...NOT!

Sarah Palin-doubt she is going to throw her dunce cap in the ring along with Michele, and let us not forget, "She can see Russia from her front porch." Ask yourselves just one question, "Do we want a QUITTER AND CHIEF sitting in the Oval Office? NEXT!

As for the rest of the pack, such un-notables as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, the race for them is already over, and they are just to self important and absorbed to accept that fact yet.

For those who will be wondering, consider myself Independent only because both the Democrats and Republicans have made it almost impossible to have a third party in politics, let alone a fourth or fifth party, though having such parties would go a LONG WAY toward eliminating gridlock in Washington, DC.