Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Press Release...Photographs by Hale Gurland


It’s easy to look back on things sitting in a chair years later. But at the moment when something happens, how do you react? How do you really perceive it? Everything that’s happened in the last ten years gets convoluted with what happened in the beginning, gets torn and twisted. Now, I remember it emotionally. In my dreams it’s a cloud, not a hard thing; it’s a smell, a being, another person, a relationship. I took pictures because I didn’t want to forget; things fade, objects take the place of emotions, and because you live through so many moments, things become all mixed up. That’s the way we live, but photography gives you the ability to freeze something in time. The photographs bring me back. They’re my notebook; my best notebook. That’s why I take pictures. I take pictures because sometimes my brain is dead and I need to remember where I placed my foot.

And, to recapitulate that place; that smell…


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