Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talk about a WASTED HEART...Dick Cheney is in intensive care after getting a heart transplant.  First it is a wasted heart, as the demon-spawn has had a bad heart since he was 37 and has had FIVE HEART ATTACKS.  Which also begs the question, how did he get a heart?  With his heath issues he never should have made it to the top of the list...OH WAIT, he has money and power....silly me, OF COURSE HE GOT A HEART.  Some things never change....Dick Cheney has always been a selfish bastard, and will die a selfish bastard, and being a betting man, going to bet money that he is not long for this world....sad that someone who could have really benefited from a heart transplant may never get it because Cheney took it.

For those, I am NOT wishing the man a speedy recovery.  How many of our soldiers needlessly died in his and George Bush's WRONG WAR in Iraq?