Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday "News on the Run"

OMG...today is all about politics...or at least the pundits, CNN and FOX News would have us believe today should be all about politics with Ohio the big fish that both Romney and Santorum are trying to land.  Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich has pinned his hopes on winning Georgia where polls show him leading going into today, but we all know how reliable those polls are.

Who wins Ohio depends on the voters, and how much they believe Romney's stump speech about jobs, jobs and more jobs.  Personally, I think Romney was born with a platinum spoon up his ass, that he is the proverbial spoiled little rich kid that cares only about his OWN KIND...those who are SUPER RICH, or who are SUPER MORMON.  His economic plan is all about TAX CUTS for the UBER RICH combined with federal budget cuts in programs that will negatively impact the SUPER POOR, which is the fastest growing segment of the United States population these days.

Mr. Women Should be Barefoot and Pregnant (that would be Rick Santorum) should be given credit where credit is due.  He has been able to keep the anyone but Mitt Train on the track and moving forward longer than any of the other pretenders to the throne, and he has made it easier for the Democrats to hold control of the White House by pulling Mitt Romney every further to the right in his views.  Good job Rick, and as someone who would not vote FOR ANY OF THE REPUBLICANS this year, I thank you for that last part.

As for the Newtster...well, as the old 1973 Empress Glady's & The Pips hit song says, "He has taken that Midnight Train to Georgia hoping he can carry the state of his political roots...if he loses there, look for him to announce the end of his campaign in the next couple of days.

In news of a local nature...has anyone else noticed that the UGLY OLD graffiti laden freight trailers (all but one) in the old lumber yard have gone?  The view from our "Rails to Trails" corridor is so much improved with those now removed.  So, to whomever is making that happen, THANK YOU.