Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just In From Rock Hill Renaissance Blog...Sullivan Renaissance 2012 Application Deadline Was Today at 5:00 PM

The deadline for the 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Beautification Grants Program was today at 5:00 PM.  Being involved with Sullivan Renaissance last year working with the MCDP here in Mountaindale was a very enriching experience for me, and though I will miss all the wonderful people I met on the trail while working on our award winning "Train Garden" last summer, am very excited at the prospect of working with the folks in Rock Hill.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Applications Are In For Sullivan Renaissance Projects, and Work Is Progressing On Roch Hill's Own 2012 Renaissance Project As Crews Renovate Former Tourist Center

Visitors Center Late Fall 2011
The deadline for filing Sullivan Renaissance Applications for 2012 was today at 5:00 PM, and thanks to the hard work of Melinda and many others, Rock Hill's application was timely filed for this year...Rock Hill this year has decided to step up and do a far reaching and very large project as a category C participant, and for those driving through town recently, you have been watching a major part of this year's plan come to fruition thanks to generous support of Steven Gottlieb and the Gottlieb  family.
Sure you have noticed all the work crews, and activity kitty corner across the street from the Trading Post here in town as our former Visitor's Center undergoes a major transformation from crumbling derelict building into a beautiful pristine downtown Rock Hill showcase...special thanks to the contractors and electrician who are playing a crucial role, working with Steven Gottlieb, in this incredible  makeover that is just one part of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Project:
Transformation Begins
Aaron Salovin                                                  Carl Kerber
Built To Last, INC.                                          Kerber Electric
PO Box 532                                                    PO Box 378
Rock Hill, NY 12775                                      Rock Hill, NY 12775
(845) 791-8385                                              (845) 794-3791
Diamond Starts To Sparkle
In brief discussions with the workers, with Gary Gottlieb, seems our old visitors center has quite a personal history, a history that we hope to share here in this blog...suffice it to say, that the structure has been moved numerous times (have heard a number as high as seven), and this is the building's second makeover at it's current location.  This makeover should assure that the little house that could will be around for at least another 100 years, as everything inside and out is in the process of receiving a full structural and cosmetic makeover.
Some highlights of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Application include:
1.  Moving our "Farmers Market" to this new location.
2.  Both renovation and enlargement of the Trading Post employee parking area at this site.
Some SERIOUS Work Going On!
3.  Construction and installation of a beautiful Gazebo.
4.  New raised flower bed and signage for "Farmers Market".
If you would like to know more about this year's plans, or are wanting to become a volunteer please call Melinda (845) 807-2034 or Gary (845) 866-3783
Make sure to bookmark our little blog and come back often as we will be posting updates on this year's project here regularly, as well as sharing with you occasional article or press release of interest to those who live, recreate and visit Rock Hill.  
Next big update will be early April when we find out if our application to be a Category C project is accepted by Sullivan Renaissance...everyone keep their fingers crossed!

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