Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday "News on The Run" and Some Weekend Events

What a beautiful blustery spring day here in downtown Mountaindale NY.   Enjoy the day, as it is looking like the weekend is going to be A) a lot colder, as in downright wintry, and B) very wet with the forecast saying we have a chance of SNOW!  You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...ugg, I know we had a mild winter, but with the forsythia and daffies dazzling our senses, and having had now a few days in shorts, so NOT ready to go back to a wintry mix of weather. "Say it ain't so Joe."

Special SHOUT OUT to "Joe The Gardener" who followed us on Twitter!...Thanks Joe!  Everyone should watch his show, and visit his website which is full of some great information.

Some great events are going on this weekend as Hurleyville plays hosts to a multitude of GREAT EVENTS in two different locations.

First up is Nadia's located at 222 Main Street.  

Friday March 30:  Fresh from yet another gig in NYC, part of her tour coinciding with the release of her newest CD...Donna Singer comes home to Nadia's Friday night with Doug Richards on bass and Roy on keyboards. Sing along to what the Midwest Record calls "cool, finger popping 50's club jazz'!!
Saturday Night March 31:  Brad Scribner, house drummer with Little Sammy for 'Imus in the Morning' and host of the Wednesday night Hyde Park Brewery Blues Jam graces the stage with singer/songwriter Debbie Fisher Palmarini and classical guitarist/composer Bonnie Law in what will be a most memorable evening of fine music!
Come for the music, come for the buffet. Never a cover charge and all you can eat $15 (including coffee or tea... BYOB)
Also in Hurleyville Friday, Saturday and Sunday, don't forget to get your tickets for "Vaudeville in The Catskills" with the proceeds going to charity.

In local news here in Mountaindale...Ed's Mountaindale Inn (Bar and Eatery) is getting really close to opening its doors for the season...hope everyone comes in and admires the NEW LOOK...we might have some sneak preview pictures for you later in the weekend.

Thursday "News on The Run" I have to?  Seems like the news this week has centered upon the same three tired stories.  First, Obama Care and the Supreme Court-the thinking is that Obama Care is going to be overturned, as the judges are not wanting to go through the 2500 page law piece meal...uhhh, excuse me Clarence Thomas, but isn't that YOUR JOB?  My own issues on the subject...A) don't feel the rest of us should have to pick up the tab for letting children stay on their parents health insurance until they are 26...let those young adults stop driving new cars and get their own insurance, B) don't feel it is fair that all those people with pre-existing conditions that have been helped by the law might now be back where they started, and C) on one hand, have issues with government requiring me to do something, but also tired of paying the tab for all those young adults who want to play Russian Roulette by not buying health insurance...the rest of us have to pick up the tab when they go to the emergency room.  How about if we change the law that requires emergency rooms too provide service to any one walking through the door...including illegal aliens and their children.

Then we have the Republican Primary race...who cares any more?  I mean come on, Rubio just endorsed Romney, so the race is over now right?  LOL...the Republican Party is self destructing right before our own eyes...and by the way, could Romney, Santorum and the Republican Party tell us their plan to help all those people with pre-existing conditions if Obama Care goes down the toilet?

Last but not least...we have the shooting of the teenager down in Florida...I'm sorry, but that whole thing at this point has gotten way out of hand.  First, it was/is a tragedy, and feel sorry for Trayvon Martin's parents.  Secondly, as much as everyone would like to turn this into a NATIONAL race issue, it is not.  Go look at the statistics, and you will find that there are very few instances of white on black murders...what you will find though, is a very high number when you look at black on black murders.  Lastly, Trayvon is not exactly the goodie two shoes his parents originally tried to paint him out to be...based on the information that has come out, he smoked pot, he destroyed property by putting graffiti on it, and some reports claim his knapsack or hoodie has a tool in it that could be used for breaking and maybe, just maybe there was/is wrong on everyone's parts, and some self inspection is necessary?  Let justice run its course, but lets not create a national race issue where none exists, and lets stop with the Vigilante justice mentality that seems to be running rampant.