Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday "News on The Run"

Last Shot of Winter?  Probably Not.
In a word, the weather today is DRIZZLY.  It's not really raining (yet), but it is very wet outside, the sky a steely gray.  The forecast calls for rain most of the day, starting to clear off this evening with just partly cloudy skies for Saint Patrick's Day here in downtown Mountaindale.  The temperature though is going to remain unseasonably warm though with average day time temps in the mid sixties.  Time to get myself a lawn chair and start working on a base tan.

Observation...a hand drawn sign tacked up on a power pole is not a very good marketing strategy for a new business...even worse on a rainy day.

In the WHO REALLY CARES department, the new Apple IPod is out.  Maybe Apple should spend some of their money and time improving their customer service, and in sending customers who have the misfortune of getting a bad Apple a new product for a new product, instead of replacing our malfunctioning equipment with REFURBISHED CRAP. 

In a sign of the times, New York state moving to cut the pension benefits of government workers, but is it enough?  Those in the private sector pay the salaries of those in the public job sector...we cannot really collect on our Social Security until we are 64, while current state employees can collect their pensions at 62.  The new law would push that back to about parity with the private sector?  I say push it back to 64, and they should do that for all Federal Employees, including members of the armed forces, and ELECTED OFFICIALS.  Lets do away with some of the Sacred Cows in local, state and federal budgets.

I rarely agree with anything Romney or Santorum have to say, but do agree with them on one topic...if Puerto Rico wants to be America's 51 state, then their citizens need to learn to speak English.  If they do not want to pay that small price, then maybe it is time for America to cut the apron strings and let this little island state make or break it on its own.  As it is, America has spent way too much time and money coddling Puerto Rico, and in these hard economic times said island needs to sink or swim...if they again vote against statehood, we need to let them go their own way...if they vote in favor of statehood, then our Congress needs to make English mandatory as a part of the bargain to be our 51st state.