Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday "News on the Run"

Today is not the day it was yesterday, though the weather outside is still almost spring like with just a bite of winter around the edges.  There is a slight chance of some flurries later in the day with temperatures dropping down to 19 degrees...the great days ahead this week will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a predicted high on Wednesday of 61 degrees...shorts any one?  Unfortunately, unless something changes, the forecast for next Saturday's Second Annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade is iffy at best with both rain and snow in the picture.  Let us hope that the weatherman is wrong on that one.

Sunday "News on the Run"

In Republican News...For the Good of the Party, perhaps it is time for Newt Gingrich, and perhaps even Rick Santorum to stand down.  With a huge win in Washington state this weekend, seems that Scrooge McDuck (that would be Mitt Romney) is strengthening his claim on the mantle of Republican Presidential candidate for this fall's election.  Super Tuesday of course is going to tell everyone a lot, and we can make some predictions here at the Mountaindale After Dark blog.  If Newt loses Georgia, look for him to fall into line and suspend his campaign.  If Santorum does not win Ohio, there is a good chance he also will suspend his campaign UNLESS Newt loses Georgia.  Congressman Ron Paul...he's collecting delegates, and may just stay in till the convention so his folks have some say in the Republican Platform.

How LOW can you go...everyone knows that I love Girl Scout cookies, have ordered at least one case a year for decades now.  So imagine my shock this morning when I read on CNN that two men in Texas held up Girl Scouts, and STOLE THEIR COOKIE MONEY!  There should be a special place in hell for any one that would steal money from a Girl Scout.  The thieves got away with about $200, which the Girl Scouts involved are responsible for.   Police are investigating.

In "Who Cares News", Whitney Houston is still in the news...the reason...someone took one last picture of her in her casket.

My thought of the day...why are we spending all this money on state of the art tech toys, paying extra fees to have the fastest internet speeds if every time we want to read a news story we have to watch a 30 second commerical?