Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just What Is Going On In Fukushima After Reactor Meltdowns?

Nuclear Industry Does Not Want You To See

As an article in the yesterdays New York Times can attest to, I still keep my ear to the ground where all things nuclear are concerned, even though I have taken a long needed break from that fight, from tilting at the windmill that is Indian Point, and for good reason.  Much like the fracking battle, one learns some hard truths when fighting against big industry, and government agendas, including the truth that both government and big business lie regularly, spread propaganda, and will simply outspend the grassroots till they pulverize us into the ground as they try to break our spirits.  That said, I still keep my ears open, and have friends that call me now and then when there is news they think I should hear.

I got such news today, an old friend reaching out upon returning from a trip to Japan.  Seems that the Japanese government, the nuclear industry over there, and specifically TEPCO are trying to do a very good job not just at putting out propaganda, but at hiding certain truths in the name of preserving the world wide nuclear industry. So, have a few simple questions I would like Japan to answer...

1.  Is it true that some Japanese women who were exposed to radiation during/after the Fukushima meltdowns are being forced to get abortions to keep birth defect statistics within acceptable norms?

2.  Is it true that a lot of children are being born with Fukuhima radiation fallout caused deformities, or being still born?

3.  Is it true that fauna within the nuclear fallout area are being born with disturbing birth defects...IE, one report I have heard concerns a rabbit born without ears?

Seems to me as the NCR forces communities to play host to antiquated dangerous reactors for another 40 years, as the NRC deems it safe to allow shut down reactors to be placed into SAFSTOR rather than be decommissioned for a period of 60 years or more because companies like Entergy have failed to put away adequate funds for decommissioning of these aging relics, it would seem to me it is time for some HONEST TALK with the general public...just WHAT ARE THE DANGERS WE FACE in being forced to play host to our own FUKUSHIMA ON THE HUDSON here in the Hudson River the way, how many who are reading this realize it took a scant 3 days for radiation to travel 175 to Toyko after the worst nuclear accident in world history last year?

So, I would invite the Japanese government to stop by my blog for SOME STRAIGHT TALK...we want to know about the rabbit with no ears.


The NRC just hours ago issued NEW ORDERS to nuclear reactors that would require them to have the capability to monitor temperatures in the reactor (NOT MAINTAIN, but MONITOR), and to have HARDENED VENTS in the Domes...uhhhh....hardened vents so you can RELEASE RADIOACTIVELY CONTAMINATED PARTICULATES INTO THE AIR IN PEEKSKILL?...the same particulates that contributed to my wife's breast cancer?

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued safety orders to the nuclear industry that are the first of this scope since orders issued following the Sept. 11 attacks. The orders require all nuclear reactors to take significant steps to fulfill safety requirements in the event of a “beyond-design-basis natural phenomena” and are based off of NRC’s findings in their studies of the Japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi accident that occurred on March 11, 2011.

On March 12, 2012, the NRC issued two immediately effective orders that pertain to all of the county’s nuclear reactors. It also issued a third order to all power reactor companies operating boiling water reactors. Entergy’s Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan has two pressurized water reactors and is subject to all three orders.
Neil Sheehan, NRC spokesman was quoted as saying,  “It is a big deal and there was a great deal of deliberation by NRC staff and commission itself,” and went on further to state, “This is not something the NRC does lightly we have variety of regulatory tools at our disposal and one of those are orders…There has been nothing along these lines since Sept. 11.”

For the record...Neil Sheehan has lied right to my face on numerous occasions, so a word to the wise, I would not trust him any further than I could throw him, which is about less than one inch.  Neil is all about NEIL, and preserving his job regardless of the lies he might have to utter, or the answers he routinely side steps at public hearings with his patented, "We'll have to look into that further and get back to your AFTER THE MEETING".  Good to see your stripes have not changed there Neil.