Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday "News on the Run"

Can you believe this weather? Feels like spring outside, and look for these warm day time conditions to carry through to the weekend.  A chance of rain later tonight, and a real good chance of some serious rain Thursday night into Friday.  The good news...looks like Saint Patrick's Day is just going to be foggy...just thinking about it I can almost hear the mourning sound of bagpipes as I imagine waking up in Ireland for the day.

Word of the day...primaries.  Yes, the Republican Primaries drag on as the deep south gets its day in the spotlight as Newt talks about Grits and Mitt Romney talks about his Billionaire friends who own football team in his feeble attempt to be one of us.  This after a similar gaffe down south when he talked about his friends that owned NASCAR teams....sure Mitt, all us HILLABILLIES have friends who are billionaires, friends that own NFL franchises.  Tune into tonight to see who wins the Gritstakes as Alabama and Mississippi pick their favorite "Not Mitt" candidate.  Brokered Convention?

GOP delegate estimate (as of 3/10/2012):
– Mitt Romney:    458
– Rick Santorum: 203
– Newt Gingrich:  118
– Ron Paul:            66
– Unallocated:         3
Needed to clinch GOP nomination: 1,144

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Thinking about stretching the budget tonight with Hamburger Helper?  Think again...70 percent of the chooped meat (hamburger) in grocery stores contains PINK SLIME!  Face, PINK SLIME is just not for McDonald's any more...it is EVERYWHERE as greedy stores try to stretch profits by feeding us chemicals instead of REAL MEAT.
“Pink slime” is beef trimmings. Once only used in dog food and cooking oil, the trimmings are now sprayed with ammonia so they are safe to eat and added to most ground beef as a cheaper filler.
Local news...look for Town of Fallsburg to discuss FRACKING BAN at next executive meeting!  Bad news, look for them to try to tell us one is NOT NEEDED.

Last on the news loop today... check out these bike lights as they are wicked cool.