Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New York Fracking Action Alert...From Food and Water Watch

This just in...please take action on this ASAP as we try to get our governor to do the right thing for the state of New York, which is place a permanent ban on FRACKING in our state.

Huge news! On Monday, the Niagara Falls City Council voted unanimously to block fracking at the local level. And on Tuesday, the Buffalo Common Council passed a resolution supporting a statewide ban on fracking and wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo demanding that he not allow fracking in New York! Will you call the Governor (866-961-3208) now and tell him to heed Buffalo's warning?

This is a monumental and historic day, not only for Buffalo, but for all of New York state, and for communities everywhere affected by gas drilling. Last year Buffalo was the first city in New York state to pass municipal legislation opposing fracking and fracking waste, in order to protect residents from drilling and waste disposal. Now, Buffalo has stood up again, this time to protect its neighbors. Will you stand in solidarity with Buffalo and tell Cuomo that fracking needs to be banned in NY?

Give Cuomo a call NOW! Follow this link to make and report your call:

Thank you for taking action in defense of clean water,

Rita Yelda
Organizer, Western New York
Food & Water Watch