Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A DHS Story Board

DHS Is Watching Our Every Word!
Sometimes, one has to put up a story or article that seems on the surface to make no particular sense, insanity that just burst out onto the page with no real obvious purpose.  Perhaps some diatribe on Fundamentalism written during a blizzard by some home bound hippie tripping on LSD. Or God forbid a ribald story written by some Islamist gang member high on marijuana that was smuggled across the border into America and up to New York through interstate commerce by some cocaine snorting extremist drug cartel member from Mexico, Somalia, Nigeria or some other trouble making county such as Yemen. OMG...what if such drugs were smuggled in for much more sinister purposes by some terrorist group such as Al-Shabaab?

The story could be about pot harvested just before a mudslide after heavy rains that was infected with an Ebola virus, our government in a panic considering a recall of these home grown narcotics that were smuggled into America by Pirates during a blizzard, the sleet coming down from the heavens providing them cover as they crossed into the USA in the dark of night during a power outage, lightening rippling across the sky as tornadoes started to form.  Imagine wide spread contamination of the hippie populace up and down the east coast of America, as these malcontents tainted marijuana found their way into bongs, perhaps animals getting sick from contaminated bong water innocently dumped into the family pet's water dish.

Imagine the marijuana having some odd name like brown diesel mudslide delight.    Can't you see the public health warnings, the situation so bad that local governments were announcing school and public office closures as they sought relief from this horrid bacteria that was taking control, and when nothing else worked, out of desperation ordering large scale evacuation in areas of wide spread distribution of this killer weed. 

The story should be about the erosion of the very fabric of our society, said erosion caused not by escalating gas prices, high unemployment and corporate greed, but instead erosion caused by Killer WEED, still sane citizens huddled in their homes praying for the DEA to come to their rescue before they too succumbed to the temptation.

Now I am sure those of you who are still reading at this point are thinking that I have lost my mind, are wondering what possible purpose such a rambling insane piece of literature could have.  In the three paragraphs above, I have included over 40 words that the Department of Homeland Security is TRACKING on the various Social Media sites...that's right, just like George Orwell's 1984, we are being watched by BIG BROTHER, every word we put up onto blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites being sifted through in the name of National Security.  You see, DHS classifies words like slide, pirates, plot, blizzard even sleet as "Items of Interest" our use of any of them making our tweets, Facebook updates or blog entries worthy of EXTRA attention.

As church lady would say, "Isn't that SPECIAL".  Seems that the Department of Homeland Security feels the best way to "Preserve Our Freedoms" is to infringe upon our "Freedom of Speech".  Now I am guessing here, that one article that finds a way to use almost all of their HOT BUZZ WORDS should get some EXTRA attention.  Also thinking it would really make a point if every blogger in America posted up an article similar to this one, if everyone on Twitter started using certain "Items of Interests" words in unison so that they were TRACKING on Twitter.  Consider it our contribution to revitalizing the American Economy...imagine the job security we would be providing these folks with all the work they will have tracking all these new "ITEMS OF INTEREST" on the various Social Media Sites.

If you decide to join the fun, stop by this post and leave a link to your own creative efforts in the comment section, and if you feel so inclined, point others to this article as well and lets have some fun while making a point that we do not appreciate such unnecessary scrutiny of our internet postings.