Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Look Back As The Future Approaches

Remembering back to last year at this time when I had rushed over to the CVI building to get our 2011 application in for our train garden.  Remember this past August when the winners were announced and myself, the MCDP found ourselves on that list of winning projects, our "Train Garden" coming in second in the category B division.  Can remember sitting with Glen Pontier this past fall explaining our communities plans for the future, discussing what we envisioned spending the winnings a look back, and article I had written back last September that caught my attention this evening.

New Banners Coming To Mountaindale...Design Discussion Underway

As many of our readers know, our community's "Train Garden" set just inside the entrance to the "Rails to Trails" corridor here in Mountaindale won second place, and with that we received a $7,000 grant to help with other projects here in the community. This past week we met with Sullivan Renaissance and have our winnings in hand, and plans are afoot to use some of the monies for new banners.

New banners has opened up a lot of discussion about what the banners should look like, as well as what our hamlet's slogan should be. Raymon Elozua has suggested the words "opportunity" and "community" should play a key part in whatever replaces, "A growing business and arts community" on our banner. That suggestion has ignited a lively discussion about branding, that in some ways resembles a visioning workshop/seminar, and it is inspiring to see how many people have jumped into the conversation, showing their own passions and love for Mountaindale.

There will be a meeting to discuss new banners next week. If you have suggestions or ideas for a new banner, have some input on the creation of a new town slogan or motto, we would love to have you share them. Feel free to email your ideas and suggestions to