Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking News...Obama Care UPHELD in Supreme Court

It's NOW THE LAW...Deal With It Tea Party
In a stunning defeat for both the Tea Party, and the Republican Party Obama Care was upheld in the Supreme Court by a five to four vote with Chief Justice Roberts being the swing vote.  Some might see Robert's being the deciding vote as shocking, yet if you look at his track record as a judge, he has always been reluctant to interfere with Congress's right to regulate interstate commerce.

The bad news...this will energize the radical right wing of the Republican Party like never before, and money will be flowing into Mitt Romney's campaign coiffures in unprecedented amounts.  Hopefully, this stunning Victory for Obama and the Democrats (who paid a heavy price in the 2010 elections by passing Obama Care) will also ignite the base of the Democratic Party, as the worst thing America can do is put Romney in the White House.

From a personal perspective, my biggest problem with Obama Care was never even at issue in the court battle that ensued after the bill's passage.  I have a problem with the section of the bill that allows young adults to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26.  Fact is, that part of the bill now sees all of us who do not have children subsidizing those young adults through increased rates on us.  The bill is not perfect, and hopefully over time Congress can improve it, but Obama Care is a step in the right direction.  Now, people with pre-existing  conditions can get affordable health insurance.  Now, with the life time cap eliminated, people with serious health issues will have their medical costs covered, and now everyone will have to contribute to the whole...there is no more waiting till you are sick to get insurance.

The one big change I would like to see moving forward...would like to see Congress allow all citizens to shop ACROSS STATE LINES!  If I live in New York, but can get better rates by buying my health insurance from a company in say Indiana I should be allowed to do so...we are routinely told that a World Economy is the way of the future, and that protectionism is the proverbial road to hell...well, if protectionism is the road to hell, why then is protectionism within the health insurance industry a good thing?

Hopefully, the Supreme Court's decision today will end this debate, and the nation as a whole can move on to worrying about more important problems.