Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opening of Rock Hill Farmers Market Huge Success

The Full Parking Lot Says It All
Yesterday was the official opening of the 2012 Rock Hill Farmers Market, and saying it was successful would be an under statement.  The parking lot was filled to capacity, patrons were treated to a wonderful array of tasty, healthy, organic food and beverage products (including wine and hard cider), and there seemed to be something there for everyone as the new location took on the feel of a mini festival, a Farmers Market taken to the next level.

I came home with some serious yummies in my short visit there...amazing how a serious sun burn sends you back home for much needed rest.  My own favorite vendor would come down to A)  Tonjes Farm Dairy who makes some wickedly tasty organic yogurts....the Wild Blackberry and Raspberry are ummm ummm good if I do say so myself, and B)  artist and musician Deborah Anne Fisher...I picked up two really nice canvas pieces of hers that I will frame and hang up somewhere in my apartment.  

There was live music under a K-D canopy, and cannot wait till the new gazebo is on site.  There were homemade organic soaps, fresh raised organic meats and treats, even pony rides for the kids.  They say one picture is worth a 1,000 words, so rather than keep typing, let me share a few photographs of the grand opening event.  Make sure you visit every is a great way to support our LOCAL FARMERS.
Yes, Even The Kids Got In On The Act

Pony Rides...Some Need Convincing

Fresh Organically Grown Produce
Even Otto Was Having Great Time