Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS...(un) Natural Gas Industry Hiding Methane Release Truth

In what is not surprise, seems that the (un) Natural Gas industry's Methane Gas Emissions Study is fatally flawed...actually, that is being overly generous...in my opinion, the (un) Natural Gas Industry's Methane Gas Emissions Study is a document deliberately filled with false and erroneous estimates aimed at hoodwinking the EPA, politicians and members of the general public.  At every step of this report which would never pass muster if the API/ANGA had submitted it for peer review, these self serving buffoons went to great lengths to under estimate methane gas emissions from UNCONVENTIONAL Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing, or FRACKING.  

After careful analysis, the nonprofit "Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE)" slammed the report, labeled it as fatally flawed, framing their remarks in a much more politically correct fashion than is the style of this blog...straight out, the report is BUNK, and the industry is flat out COOKING THE BOOKS to create numbers they want to see, rather than presenting stakeholder communities with the truth, and the actual risks associated with REAL NUMBERS verse the manipulated and false data presented in the report.  Some of the fatal flaws include:

  • The survey pretty much coached those being questioned, indicating/suggesting what answers were sought, led the respondents down the proverbial garden path to the industry's much sought after Garden of Eden where they can rape the earth while claiming it was not them. 
  • API/ANGA's survey targeted, cherry picked their respondents, failing to follow a basic rule of surveys to have/select a random and representative sampling.
  • Furthermore, the report is highly selective in the information used, the organizations choosing data that is outdated and understated. 
  • Report fails to do a cradle to grave accounting of methane emissions,  instead compiling a report that only accounts for a part of the picture, while presenting said report as a full accounting of methane emissions.

As the PSE so eloquently pointed out, the (un)Natural Gas Industry's report is a scam, the report fatally flawed, holding no value, representing no reliability in its supposed facts.  What the report does do, is once again proves to the stakeholder communities that the industry will use any means (including fraud) to get their way, to get  states to allow them to FRACK our neighborhoods and communities.


One of Howard Feldman's BIG LIES....

This emissions information is critically important because it allows the companies, citizens, and regulators to gauge the industry’s impact on the environment and allows companies to measure continued efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.  In reality, the industry COOKED THE BOOKS, and crafted the sampling group to give them the results they wanted, cooked the books to skew the numbers in their favor while wrongfully giving stakeholders false assurances about this every present danger in and around Horizontally Fracked wells.

It is time that a report is done by an INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED group of scientists, rather  than having a survey/report done by a organization who has a VERY VESTED INTEREST in hiding the true environmental and health costs of a dangerous industrial practice.