Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Josh Fox's "The Sky Is Pink"...Let's End Debate and Ban FRACKING

THE SKY IS PINK from JFOX on Vimeo.
Those who regularly read this blog know I am against fracking, are aware of my efforts to get Steve Veglianti and the Town Board to BAN FRACKING in the geographical/political footprint of Fallsburg.  Further, I support a state wide ban on fracking, and know the best way to ban fracking is not at the state level, but at the local level, with individual town, villages and cities banning fracking by changing their zoning laws to make fracking an unacceptable land use...such a move is not trying to regulate the industry, but instead uses a political subdivision to (as is allowed by state and federal law) to regulate land use.

Problem is, the (un)Natural Gas industry keeps everyone including our elected officials on the sidelines through multimillion dollar propaganda campaigns, and false counter claims in the media, thus creating what should be considered as FALSE DEBATE...this is a trick used by industry to keep concerned citizens on the sidelines.  After all, if the facts are in dispute, if their is a debate, people tend to wait for the debate to be resolved, and while this supposed debate (FALSE DEBATE) ensues, the (un) Natural Gas industry in this case pushes government to have as few regulations of their industry as they can get.

Enter Josh Fox, and  his newest video on fracking, "The Sky is Pink".  Every New Yorker needs to watch this movie, and study the documents (links provided) so that we can end the FALSE DEBATE, and move to an immediate ban of fracking in every community here in New York.

Earlier this year, the Town of Fallsburg Supervisor, and all of our town board members stated that they were opposed to fracking.  Now, some three months later, we are still waiting for the promised "Public Informational Meeting" and still waiting for them to PASS A BAN ON FRACKING.  If you live in the geographical footprint of Fallsburg, please contact your board members, the town supervisor, and demand that a ban on fracking be passed into law now, before our window of opportunity to protect our community is missed...which will happens once the state APPROVES FRACKING REGULATIONS.

The Sky is Pink  Document Cache

Industry Documents
Affirming GASLAND- Our responses to industry charges against GASLAND
Flaming Faucets,2933,509857,00.html
Well Failures/Gas Leaks
Well Construction/Integrity
Climate Change
Breast Cancer
Pittsburgh Fracking Ban
Water Contamination
‘Drilling Down’
PR/Hill and Knowlton
State Government Documents
‘Reality Tour’ Marcellus Shale
Merchants of Doubt
Colbert Report
Gas Industry Conference: