Monday, June 4, 2012

Judge Kenneth Lester...GET A CLUE...Zimmerman Not A Flight Risk

The judge in the Zimmerman case needs to get a clue...the purpose of a bond is too guarantee a defendant shows up for his court date.  The amount of the bond should be directly correlated to the flight risk of the defendant.  Well, here is a clue that the judge may not like...ZIMMERMAN IS NOT A FLIGHT RISK.  He turned himself in when charges were brought against him, even though he could have tried to leave the country...not that hard of a task, illegal aliens enter America every day.  Once he was out on bail and his bond was rescinded, he again voluntarily surrendered to the police, allowed himself to be arrested and incarcerated.

In short, though people may not like it, Zimmerman has shown he is not a flight risk, nor is he a danger to the community...if anything, his bond should be reduced.