Friday, June 15, 2012

In Name of Winning Election, Obama Wrongfully Grants Amnesty To ILLEGAL ALIENS

In breaking news of a political nature...President Obama with the stroke of a pen is bypassing not only Congress, but the will of the people in basically using an executive order to pass the Dream Act on steroids. Get a CLUE may be winning some Latino votes come November, but you will lose the vote of almost every America who's job has been stolen by illegal aliens, will lose the vote of every American in the the lower and middle class who find their wages DEPRESSED by illegal aliens to the tune of over $200 billion dollars a year.

This policy change will allow any illegal alien under 30 to stay in the country, and GET A GREEN CARD so they can start working legally.  This policy change means AMNESTY for at least 80 percent of the ILLEGAL ALIENS that are currently in America...and for what...TO BUY THE FALL ELECTION, or at least shore up his chances to win some states (Like Arizona and Colorado) that he needs to retain the White House.  This move will back fire on the president...fact, 75 percent of Americans embrace and support Arizona's tough immigration law, and there is a good chance the Supreme Court will uphold said law.  Like it or not, even if your parents brought you here, YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, and like it or not, the majority of illegal aliens under thirty who are in America CAME HERE ON THEIR OWN, and should be rounded up on buses and sent back to their home or most cases, Mexico.

Make no mistake...this is a political move to win states.  Furthermore, if all of the Illegal Aliens were deported, if they took their children back to their home countries with them, there would not be a significant Latino voting block to worry about.  I may be liberal, but not when it comes to GRANTING A BACK DOOR AMNESTY to CRIMINALS!