Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday "News on The Run"...The Queen's 60th Year

OMG...can someone give CNN a call and tell them "ENOUGH on the Queen and her 60th year celebration, Diamond Jubilee!" I understand a lot of folks at CNN (Piers Morgan) call England home, but the queen is NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL here in America...here is a clue CNN, England LOST the war to America.  Get to some real news, and stop showing wall to wall coverage of some old hag waving from this and that vehicle.

In political news...look to Wisconsin today as citizens there decide the fate of scum bag union buster Governor Walker...guessing you know which way I would vote.  Taking away workers rights to collective bargaining should be just cause for impeachment and imprisonment of any politician...and for the record, I do not belong to a union.

Syria kicks out US diplomats as Holocaust continues...my question...how long are we going to allow Putin and Russia to be complicit in said Holocaust.  Russia is selling Syria arms, providing the tools of death,  Russia and Putin are refusing to go along with UN Sanctions, will oppose any outside intervention using UN troops....in short, Putin has blood on his hands, and it is time for the world and the UN to act regardless of a Russian veto on the security counsel, and if China follows Russia, same thing.  Lets do right by the people of Syria and forget political correction and politics.

Here in New York, Governor Cuomo is WRONG ON FRACKING, but right on marijuana!...Seems he and the mayor of New York city want to decriminalize pot.  If they get their wish, New Yorkers could soon legally carry around almost one ounce without worry of prosecution.  Here is a thought....60 percent of the Mexican drug lords profits come from shipping pot into America...how about legalizing it, letting our farmers grow it as a cash crop, and TAX IT...think how much money we would save, and maybe, just maybe with pot legalized we could win the war on drugs by taking away the drug cartels largest profit maker.  Just and FYI...if the law change comes, you can openly carry, but you still cannot smoke in public.

Warren Buffett NEEDS TO GET A CLUE...and a heart.  Seems he is auctioning off a power meal with himself...you have to be per-qualified, and bidding starts at $25,000!  Here is your clue BUFFETT...how about having a lottery of some sort where an average Joe (or Jane) gets a chance too sit down to a power meal with you?  Sell tickets at a buck a piece, or six for five dollars and have a drawing...then EVERYONE has a shot at sitting down to dinner with you and having a chance to pick your brain as it were.

Weather...overcast, but the sun is trying to peek through.