Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kowtowing To Special Interests in Presidential Election...What About us White Voters?

Let us be clear....last week Obama gave out back door Amnesty to some 800,000 plus illegal aliens in the name of politics...he pandered to a special interest voting block.  Turn on any network news show, and you will hear about this special interest group or that...just now CNN ran a report on the important role that "Latino Mom's" will play in this election, and why the candidates should be paying more attention to them and their concerns.  Business owners, the uber rich and religious special interests all get attention.  Latino's and their various camps get special attention, so forth and so on, and story after story talks about the special role each of these groups can/will play in deciding who wins the White House this fall.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a block of voters who are being taken for granted...WHITE PEOPLE.  In the last Presidential Election, over 70 percent of votes cast were cast by white where is our attention, and why aren't the politicians pandering to us, listening to our concerns.  The gays saw "Don't ask don't tell" abolished, saw Obama state publicly that he supports gay marriage.  The Republicans are extending and deepening the recession by holding up any legislation that would increase taxes on the rich, and Obama tossed out an executive order that back door defacto passed the Dream Act, and yet there seems to be NOTHING for the largest voting block in America, and someone needs to ask why.

Obama and Romney rarely come to New York for anything other than fund raising, making appearances at events that cost $40,000 a seat...what about an event for us average Joe's and Jane's where we could sit down and talk with the candidates over a burger and a beer at say $25 a plate...oh wait, silly me, the American Electoral process is controlled by BIG MONEY, manipulated by big corporations who are after all people too...just ask Mitt, he'll tell you that it's true.  We the people have been usurped by a new phrase, We the well heeled, the uber rich having access, while the rest of us find ourselves accepting edicts from on high that most of us do not support.

People from all 50 states elect a president, people from every walk of life, and from every ethnicity elect the president, yet the largest voting block in America, the white voter, is being ignored, our interests taking a back seat to the interests of small special interest groups...just because keeping taxes low on the uber rich is good for the uber rich does not make it good for us average folks, and granting Amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens may be good for the Latino voting block, but is it good for the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, and is that Amnesty what the largest voice in America wants? 

Perhaps it is time for the white voters to find our voice, time for us to demand a place at the table.  It is simply unfair to have a situation where elections are won and lost on the edges, unfair for the fringe to move their agendas forward at great detriment to the larger whole because politicians know they can take the white vote for granted, know it will split its voting block along given fault lines, and so can be ignored, taken for granted...maybe it is time that we form a super pac, time for us to choose one man for president, go to the voting booths, and write that name down, ignoring both Obama and Romney, throwing down the gauntlet that says, "No longer can you take our vote for granted, no longer will we the true majority be ignored.

Let us throw the two party system into disarray, let us push a third candidate into the spotlight, a candidate who will speak our voice while putting both parties and all politicians on notice...ignore us, take our votes for granted at your own peril...let us end the days when a small handful of states and a few special interest groups get all of the attention.