Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Musings & "News on The Run"

OMG...the sun is actually peeking through this morning!  Don't get too forecast does not call for partly sunny until Saturday.  So, enjoy the sun that does peek through at us today, but look for rain at some point...maybe I should get my walk in early.

Don't forget...Open Mic at the Mountaindale Inn tonight, and every Wednesday.  Doors open at five and music starts around eightish. 

Rock Hill's new Farmers Market opens next Saturday, June 16th at its brand new location across the street from the Trading Post. 

News on The Run

Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a brain tumor...this incredible female vocalist has already taken on breast cancer and won.  She says this latest health scare is just another bump in the road.  Let's hope so, and our prayers are with her.  The good news is that the tumor is benign.

Walker and out of state robberbarrons steal recall election, but I reported on this last night.  We have witnessed the end of democracy here in America unless we amend the constitution to take money out of elections...especially corporate money.