Sunday, June 17, 2012

Campaign to Save Pond Eddy Bridge Sputtering?

Calling all activists, and lovers of historic places...the campaign to "Save the Pond Eddy Bridge" needs some help...specifically, they need people to sign their petition to save the bridge...the goal is 5,000 signatures, and right now they are standing at just 538 signatures....they really need to get closer to the 5,000 signature goal before their big public outreach event at the bridge on August 4th, 2012.  So, from the "Save the Pond Eddy Bridge" blog, sharing this article with the link to the petition....please go sign onto the cause, and email, Facebook and Twitter your friends asking them to do the same.

You Cannot Save a Bridge With 538 Petition Signers

Summer is here, and all of us find ourselves involved in other activities, such as camping out, going on vacation, and taking care of both home and family.  Perhaps that is why we only have 538 Petition signatures so far.  Problem is though, to keep momentum, to keep the Preservation of Pond Eddy in the news, all of us who love the bridge, all of us who want to see the bridge saved and preserved have to due better than barely ten percent of our goal of 5,000 Petition Signatures.
So, am asking everyone who has so far signed the petition, asking all those involved in the campaign to "Save the Pond Eddy Bridge" to send out an email to all your friends asking them to sign the petition, asking you to put the petition link on your Facebook pages, and lets see if we can take this campaign to the next level where it needs to be.  If the NYDOT and other principles believe their is not enough public interest in saving the bridge, they will tear it down and put up a very ugly replacement.