Monday, June 4, 2012

Romney, Republicans Raping Middle Class To Win White House?

Romney...Rapist and Chief?
Let us be clear about this...the Republicans CONTROL House of Representatives, and have acted in a very obstructionist fashion when it comes to moving legislation through Congress that could put Americans back to work.  It would be easy to say the Republicans and Democrats have a different view of where our country should go, have a difference of opinion on how to solve America's would be easy to say that, but it would be a lie.   Let us put the ugly baby out on the living room table state the simple truth.

Romney and Republicans have one shot at the White House...stop the economy from taking off until after the fall presidential campaign is over...recovering economy, Obama is elected too a second term, a sputtering economy, and Romney might be our next president.   This basic reality sees Republicans led by Boehner being OBSTRUCTIONIST and in holding the economy back they are DEFACTO RAPING THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS in the name of winning an election.

In trying to win the White House Republicans are refusing to pass any legislation through Congress that would put people back to work, refusing to stimulate the economy, refusing to pass the president's job bill is once again CRASHING THE STOCK MARKET, thus destroying the value of average Americans 401 K's, thus ruining the retirement funds of some 79 Million Baby Boomers.  This in turn means these Baby Boomers have to stay in the work force far longer than they planned, which in turn means NO ENTRY LEVEL JOBS for graduating college students.

So ask yourselves America...are you willing to vote for a person (Romney) and a party (Republicans) that are willing to rape you to get elected?