Friday, May 11, 2012

Along The Trails Edge

Wild Strawberries
Today was one of those days where I just needed to get away, found myself wanting to reconnect with Mother Nature and her, camera in hand took a long walk on our "Rails to Trails" corridor.  Some pictures were taken in my mind, my hands not quick enough to snap a picture of the hummingbird temporarily perched in the higher branches of a birch tree, others skipped because a camera cannot catch the movement of a leaf silently rustling in the spring breeze. 

Thought it would be nice to share with our readers some of my own favorite photographs from the day, take you the reader along the same journey I made today as I reconnected with the earth, nature, and the wonderful bounty found along the trails edge between Mountaindale and Woodridge.  It really is a beautiful place to spend and afternoon just strolling through the woods listening to the sounds, and taking in the sites that only Mother Nature can create.

The Goose and her goslings was shot just along the creeks edge at Krieger Park over in Woodridge just over from the Blue Angels jet.  There were maybe six adult geese, and at least 25-30 new little hatch-lings swimming along the water's edge.  Saw many birds along my walk in a dizzying array of colors, everything from blue birds, gold finches to what I am pretty sure is a Baltimore Oriole, though being honest, have not gotten out the bird book to verify my suspicions.  

Was able to get a picture of the more subdued female gold finch, but the much brighter male was not being one bit cooperative.  Not a problem, as that gives me an excuse to go out on another sojourn sooner rather than later.   One bird picture I took I could use some help in identifying, so if any one recognizes this next bird can you leave its identification in a comment below?  It has a beautiful slate gray cap atop its head, with the body a lighter shade of gray all over, and it's size is similar to that of say a cardinal, maybe just a titch bit bigger, but not near as large of girth as a bluejay is.

Last but certainly not least, some of the flora spotted along the way.  If you find yourself with a hour or so to spare, or are just wanting to get out and enjoy Mother Nature, the Mountaindale to Woodridge segment of the "Rails to Trails" makes for a great little walk with plenty of beautiful sites along the way.  Make sure to bring yourself a bottle of water, or even a little snack...and please carry out everything that you bring in so that our trail stays beautiful and pristine for those who walk in our footsteps on another day.

Click on any picture to see them all enlarged in slide show format.