Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save Pond Eddy Bridge Update...Saturday Campaign Launch Great Success

It is OFFICIAL...with attendance this past Saturday in Pond Eddy of fifty people, including representatives of two National Environmental Organizations, efforts to save the Pond Eddy Bridge can officially be called a movement.

Veterans Toss Wreath Off Bridge
State Assembly Woman Aileen Gunther has officially asked Governor Cuomo to include the Pond Eddy Bridge in the state's full infrastructure review with emphasis given to exploring alternatives (restoration) to tearing the historical bridge down and replacing it.  Her request makes perfect since when you realize the importance of the fragile environment, the importance around Pond Eddy which is a part of the great natural resource that is the Delaware River which is home to the federally listed endangered species, the American Bald Eagle which calls the area around the Pond Eddy Bridge its home.

There are alternative options.

Aileen Gunther Speaks
1.  Restore and preserve the historic bridge as the National Landmark that it is.
2.  The state of Pennsylvania could extend a road into the small community that lives on the Pennsylvania side of the river, a solution that would cost less money, and avoid impacting the fragile ecosystem of the Delaware River.
3.  A combination that would include both extending a road into the community on the PA side, and restoration and preservation of the bridge.

Organizations who have so far joined the fight, are now working with "Friends of the Pond Eddy Bridge" include:

Please get involved in this effort to save the Pond Eddy Bridge.  Sign the Petition, visit the websites that are promoting the campaign, and make plans now to attend the next major event at the bridge on August 4, 2012 when boaters will symbolically join in a boat chain from shore to shore.

You can sign the petition to save the bridge here.