Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday "News on The Run"

More dismal weather seems in store for us today if outside my window is any example...it is overcast and drizzling out with steely gray skies above.  The official weather is predicting rain through at least Saturday, so like it or not, get used to the showers outside...this is going to slow down progress on our Sullivan Renaissance Project over in Rock Hill...if you want to know more about the Rock Hill Volunteer Opportunities, contact Mel at (845) 807-2034.

Is your computer infected with viscous malware that could see you lose internet access come July?  After a million dollar online scam, seems as many as 300,000 computers could be, and the FBI is helping in organizing a free fix...visit here to learn more, and find links to sites where you can check your computer FOR FREE.

As a child, did you know you could be held responsible for your parents medical/nursing home costs?  It is called Filial Responsibility, and is the law in 30 states.  Though New York is not one of the states, we are all but surrounded by states that hold to this theory of law, have laws on the books holding children responsible.  Morally in most cases children should do the right thing by their parents, but don't agree with a law that makes said responsibility mandatory...as one example...what if you were raised by abusive parents?  Should you then be held responsible for their care when they grow old and feeble?

I have designer plates (YardArt), and feel those choosing to pay the extra fee are doing so to get a message out to the world about themselves, or about their beliefs and/or politics.  In Virginia a veterans plates (which he was issued four years ago) have been revoked as some Arab American groups found them to be offensive...the veteran is suing to get them back...so the question posed to our readers..."do you feel custom plates and their message should fall under our First Amendment Rights, or instead should the DMV be allowed to have the final say in what our plates can say in eight spaces?  Being someone who feels political correctness is killing America, and feeling we have had too many of our civil liberties stripped away in the name of National Security and keeping us safe, I hope the veteran wins this one.