Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday "News on The Run"

BIG SNAKE Out For Swim
What can one say about the weather but is bright and sunny outside, warm but not too warm, and flowers are blooming almost everywhere you look.  It is a nice day for a walk, and I just returned from one along the trail where I saw a VERY LARGE water in biggest enough to make a few belts out of.  Seriously, this thing had to be at least eight foot long, and just went swimming by as if it had not a care in the world.  Made me think TWICE about dipping my toes in the water this morning.

There are so many things going on in the news.

First, Donna Summer passed away yesterday, losing her fight with cancer.  What a talent she was, and she will so be missed.  What I find odd, is how we as a nation reacted to Whitney Houston's accidental suicide, her remaining a top news story for a full week, CNN airing her funeral service, yet 24 hours after her passing, Donna Summer is barely even a foot note in today's news cycle.  Her Memorial is scheduled for next Wednesday in Nashville.

Abandoned Beauty
Facebook's IPO launches, and Zygna stock crashes....WHOOPS....meanwhile, Facebook did not skyrocket out of the gate like everyone thought it own thoughts...much like MySpace (remember them) the company is not near as valuable as everyone has tried to make it out to be, more of a paper tiger than a true animal of prey capable of delivering the profits stockholders will least the founders are all now rich, dumping enough of their stocks out onto the market to take care of themselves and their families for generations to come.

Trayvon Martin case looking better and better for Zimmerman.  Seems that the autopsy has revealed THC in Trayvon's other words, he was stoned.  Which does make one wonder...stoned, did he circle back around and confront/attack Zimmerman as claimed?  Zimmerman's injury's, and the banged up knuckles on Trayvon's hands would indicate that as a strong possibility.  Looking more and more like Zimmerman will walk.

Just a little factoid of the day...did you know that combined, Obama and Romney raised over $80 Million in campaign donations in the month of April?  How much good could that kind of money do spent on something other than negative campaign ads?