Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday "News on The Run"

Open Mic Every Wednesday
WOW, what can one say about the weather in one word?  WET.  Seriously, it is rainy the proverbial cats and dogs outside, as a steady downpour washes away the grit and dust here in downtown Mountaindale NY. It is much needed, but at this rate, look for flood warnings in low laying areas of Sullivan County.  Might as well settle in and enjoy it, as the sun is not supposed to peak out until Thursday...good news is the weekend is actually looking pretty good.

In other local news here in our hamlet...Uccelli's has finished construction of a new deck for outdoor summer dining...it looks functional, if not just a tad canted, and just a bit out of place...hopefully some well positioned landscaping around it will see it blend beautifully into the quaint rustic charm of the community.  In other local news, the Wednesday night Open Mic at the Mountaindale Inn is bringing in some serious local talent.  Look for Josh and Levi to be performing this week, and almost local legend Richard most likely will be doing a set as well.

News on The Run

Romney's current stance (he does flip flop) on gay marriage has seen one of his key financial backers here in New York pull his financial support from under Mitt, and thrown it behind President Obama.  Bill White of New York-based consulting firm Constellations Group has decided he in good faith cannot back a candidate who is on the wrong side of history when it comes to Gay Marriage.  It's not the only reason I would never vote for an arrogant, spoiled, fat cat bully like Romney, but it is one of them.

Boehner will again insist on Budget Cuts as a part of lifting the debt ceiling...OK, lets start with the salaries and lucrative retirements of our elected Representatives and Senators.  How many of you know that after just five years in office a member of Congress is guaranteed healthcare insurance and $42,000 a year for life, and it rapidly increases from there.  Let's not forget their large SIX FIGURE SALARIES either.  So Boehner, since you oppose tax increases on the uber rich, and want more budget cuts, lets start with your salary...Fair Enough?

Obama calls for repeal of the Defense of Marriage act, which is a good thing, and about time.  Time for the bigots to be sent back to the pulpit, and out of politics.  In the same speech at a fundraiser, he also said he wants to pass the Dream Act...sorry, but think he is wrong about this one.  It is time for America to get tough on illegal aliens, time to make E Verify the law of the land across America.