Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday "News on The Run"

Looking out my window at the weather watching as rain lazily falls from the is the perfect kind of day to stay in bed, read a good book,  have tea and a snack in the middle of the afternoon.  The forecast is rain, rain and more rain through at least Saturday of this week.  The water is much needed, but seems this kind of rain for days on end always brings worry of flooding, so we will see just what the week has in store.

News of a local kind....

1.  We have new neighbors in town.  Watched them move into 47 Main Street last night. and briefly met them over at the Mountaindale Inn.  Seem like really nice folks, and always nice to see young progressive people moving into our little hamlet...wondering if they will be opening up a shop in the downstairs storefront so that we see a neighbors, and a new business (which Mountaindale desperately needs).  Still holding my breath hoping that the rumored convenience store at the corner of Main and Post Hill is going to come into reality.

2.  Speaking about the Mountaindale Inn, don't forget that tonight is Open Mic night!  The first three have been a roaring success, with an incredible array of local talent showing up to play.  Rumor has it that Josh and Levi are going to be back again this week, as well as Richard whose energy and talent is loved by all.  Hope everyone comes out to say hello, and to enjoy some great musical talent.

Wednesday "News on The run"

Big news was Obama flying into Afghanistan.  Fact is, most of us do not care that his trip was a certain amount of political theater that has Republicans crying foul...GET OVER IT.  What I care about more is an agreement that is going to keep our American Troops in this God Forsaken hell hole through at least 2024..amazing how little that fact is being covered in the news loop.  The media also seemed to jump on the re-polish the tarnished Secret Service Bandwagon, making sure they pointed out the FINE JOB the Secret Sluts did in keeping the president safe on his trip into Afghanistan.  Of course they did...who wants a prostitute in a Burka.

The Bully on the world stage (that would be China) wants an apology from America for harboring the blind activist in our Chinese Embassy in Beijing.  If Hillary Clinton will not do it, this blog will.  FUCK YOU CHINA!  Maybe you should start respecting the basic human rights of your citizens, then there would be no need to provide aid and comfort to those seeking asylum from your harsh and neanderthal behaviors and rules.

Seems teh media is deliberately avoiding coverage of the Occupy Movements return as they start what is being called the American Spring.  Sadly, too many folks in the 99 percent seem to be asleep, or apathetic to their own plight.  There should be millions, not tens of thousands marching in the street demanding change, and that change could start by stopping Billionaires like Mitt Romney from getting elected.