Friday, May 11, 2012

No Motorized Vehicles On Trail

ATV and Rider On Mountaindale Rails to Trails
Today, took a wonderful walk on the trail with my camera from here in Mountaindale over to Woodridge and back...had a beautiful time, snapped some beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna along the trails edge, and noticed the very conspicuous signs that inform those using the trail that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. It's a pretty straight forward message and rule. 

Sadly, some folks like the one in this picture snapped this afternoon don't feel the rules apply to them and their All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's). 

People of all ages walk and ride bikes on our "Rails to Trails" corridor, mothers with their children in strollers are a common site, and there are good reasons that ATV's and other motorized vehicles are forbidden on the trail.  Additionally, these motorized vehicles, and those riding them don't seem too realize that their machines destroy the quiet tranquility of the path, and tear up the trail as well.  Simply stated, it appears that they feel themselves and their vehicles are above the law.

So please, obey the rules of the trail, especially the one plainly posted that says, "No motorized vehicles allowed on the trail."