Sunday, May 20, 2012

BREAKING NEWS...Ill Bred Over Zealous Chicago Thugs (Police) Beat Crowd of Legal Protesters At Nato Summit

Ill bred, over zealous thugs (Policemen) in full riot gear are on CNN BEATING INNOCENT PROTESTERS as they protest at the Nato Summit.  This is disgusting...we live in America, and Americans have the right to PEACEFUL PROTEST....apparently, slovenly pigs (yes, and old term) in full COMBAT GEAR (riot gear on in officers looking to start a war against the people) don't want that right being exercised in Chicago Illinois.  A vast army of uniformed thugs using gestapo like tactics reminiscent of the brute force being deployed in Syria by the government there and it's dictator president, the Chicago Police have corralled protesters,  have been BEATING THEM SEVERELY with very long billy clubs.

Wake up citizens of Chicago...go down and defend your fellow citizens, use overwhelming numbers of humanity to shut down the streets, and force the police to retreat.  It is time for Spring in America, time that police departments, and local governments learn that "We the People" will no longer tolerate their brutal tactics being deployed to keep us in line, to deny us our basic "First Amendment Rights".

Stop watching this violence in Chicago, and do something to stop it!  Get a backbone citizens, and stop allowing well armed thugs in full COMBAT GEAR to use overwhelming force against our citizens.  our government does not want to see the protesters, nor do the leaders at the summit...that is why Obama and the rest of the leaders from NATO are in a walled in fortress, why protesters are being kept blocks away...well, a mass of humanity, just like in Germany can TAKE DOWN THAT WALL, and march on the summit so that the voice of the people can be heard...but that means average citizens giving up their apathy, and joining forces with those still brave enough to exercise their first amendment rights...peaceful protest should not be coral-ed, nor should protesters be kept from protesting UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL right out in front of the building where the summit is being hosted.

From  Daily Mail

  • Hackers take over Chicago police and NATO websites as protesters take to the streets
  • At least 18 arrests made over the weekend in Chicago
  • Police in riot gear surround downtown area
  • Reverend Jesse Jackson appeals to protesters for 'non-violence'

  • Thinking a good business would be selling Citizens Combat Gear...night sticks with "Make Love not War" or "Give Peace a Chance".  Hippie Body Armor, and Day Glow Pink citizen stun guns.  Reverend Jesse Jackson appeals to protesters for "Non Violence" when he should be pleading with the Chicago Police for non-violence.  Curious, when are citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights allowed to meet overwhelming force and attacks on themselves with self defense that employs the same level of force as that being used by police officers on the WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW?