Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday "News on The Run" and Other Musings

Another dismal rainy day here in downtown Mountaindale New York as a bone chilling dampness fills the air, clinging to the skin when you walk outside.  Look for this weather pattern to continue through at least Thursday with Friday finally bringing us some partly cloudy skies for the weekend.  In short, cool temperatures and wet conditions will be continuing as we get our April showers in May.  Have to love the climate change that comes along with global warming.

The Hummingbirds are back in Mountaindale, and the hummingbird feeders have started appearing all along Main Street as our small hamlet's summertime "Dance of The Hummingbirds" begins.  If you are a photographer and looking for a chance to photograph these magical creatures, a drive into Mountaindale for the day is a great way to get some fabulous shots.  As a bonus we also have a slew of bluebirds that call our community home.

Mountaindale is losing one of our citizens this month...Toby, who is a GREAT portrait artist is in the process of moving to Rock Hill.

"News On The Run"

According to a leak, seems another terrorist threat has been averted.  Seems terrorists from Yemen had built a non-metallic explosive that would have gotten past screening that was intended for a US bound plane.  Glad they caught this one...what concerns me, is the leak to the press.  Do these convenient leaks from people in the know damage our nation's ability to stay one step ahead of those who intend us harm?

Speaking of loose lips...New York's I like to see myself on TV, foaming of the mouth right wing radical Republican Congressman King was quick to rush onto the airwaves too toss in his two cents worth on the foiled terrorist attack, and this weekends drone attack.  People in Long Island really need to vote this dinosour out of office.

In the "We both know you are an asshole" department, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum in the dark of night endorsed Mitt "The Flip" Romney...VIA EMAIL!   My thoughts on this year's presidential election...we have no business allowing another UBER RICH person to BUY POLITICAL OFFICE.  Sorry, but a man that earns (without a job) $36,000 a day is NEVER going to represent the average American.

In a feel good story for the day, "Wilbur the pig wins court case!"

In North Carolina voters today are voting on "Same Sex Marriage".  There is a lot at stake, as this wrong law if passed would eliminate all civil unions, and would define marriage as only between a man and a woman.   Let's be clear...this is a civil rights issue, and it is time that our Supreme Court stop ducking the issue and resolve it once and for all.  Fact is, a marriage license is a government issue document that legal binds one PERSON to another PERSON.  A church BLESSES a marriage, but people are married UNDER THE LAW, and it is time we allow all people who are in love to marry, be they two women, two men, or a man  and a woman.  As for North Carolina...IF THIS AMENDMENT PASSES, I WILL NOT EVEN DRIVE THROUGH THE STATE.