Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Space Flight Goes Corporate

Space Flight has boldly gone where no corporation has gone before with the successful launch of the SpaceX rocket now in route to resupply the International Space Station, as NASA's heavy lifting is handed over to private industry.  Some see this as a good thing, though not sure I agree...it is scary to think that private industry can now go where only four nations in the world have ever gone...into outer space.  Just think back to Austin Powers and in a spoofy kind of a way you can see the dangers of such technology in the hands of say a Richard Branson, or worse Halliburton or a Chesapeake Energy out to rape the universe in a similar fashion to the way they rape the earth.

Congratulations to Space X for their BIG MOMENT in the spotlight, but we should all see this as a very somber moment in space flight, rather than a moment of celebration.