Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Bullies Gay Classmate...Does Not Remember Event

Mitt Romney...Ugly High School Bully
Seems in high school that Mitt Romney was both a homophobic bigot, and a bully.  Seems he had a penchant for targeting (profiling) then bullying boys who were different than he...for the record, Mitt Romney was rich, spoiled, and a mean spirited gay hating homophobic bully.  It gets worse...he not only intimidated certain different male classmates, he went so far as to take scissors and hunt down a male he suspected was gay, and cut his hair.  This goes way beyond the pale, was then and is today criminal behavior, and could be considered a HATE CRIME.

From Washington Post

A story in the Washington Post based on interviews with several of Romney’s fellow students alleges that young Mitt was a bullying rich kid who had it in for boys who were too different.

One boy, in particular, caught Romney’s attention – a shy, new kid at the school named John Lauber who had bleached blonde bangs that dipped across one eye. According to those interviewed, young Mitt was bugged by Lauber’s hair. “He can’t look like that,” Romney told one of his friends. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

Romney pulled together a pack of boys and went to Lauber’s room, where they tackled him and pinned him down. As Lauber, with tears streaming down his cheeks, screamed for help, Romney pulled out scissors and chopped away at the kid’s hair.

This incident from Mitt Romney's past is more than disturbing.  It points to his REAL CHARACTER, speaks to a hardened set of values that are completely unacceptable in a man that wants to be president.  He may have been more into luxury, may have attended the best schools, may have lived a life of privilege,  but his parents did a pathetic job of setting his moral compass.  

For those who know me, it should come as no surprise that I was different in High School, went to the beat of the proverbial different drummer and in those days, had my own run ins with the  proverbial school bully, and most of those bullies, if not all of them had and still have DEEP PHYSIOLOGICAL issues, or not well adjusted socially.  When we are able to look at some of Mitt Romney's gaffs out on the campaign trail with this new information, we suddenly realize that Mitt Romney is still a bully, will remain a bully for the rest of his life.  Do we want a bully having the codes to launch a nuclear missile?  Do we want a bully having access to the proverbial bully pulpit that comes with being President of the United States?  Do we want a man in the oval office who would gather up a posse of teenage thugs to go attack a fellow student, tackle him and cut his hair just because this student was DIFFERENT?  Can we tolerate a man in the White House that sees his antics from back then nothing more than a PRANK...?  His actions were CRIMINAL IN ACTION, not a prank.