Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bigots Win In North Carolina-Bill Targeting Gay Community Becomes Law

Maybe it is time to stop being politically correct and spend more time stating moral truths...everyone in North Carolina who yesterday voted in favor of the Anti-Gay law targeted at the GLBT community is a BIGOT.  Church law is not law, nor do marriages become legal in the church...the governmental issues marriage licenses, the church blesses a marriage.  Creating laws that run contrary to equal rights needs to stop and it is criminal that the Supreme Court has not resolved the issue, and put religious racists in their place.

Religious Hypocrisy (Do As I Say, Not As I Do)  Outed Minister Stories

These are two stories of outed gay ministers.  They both had to resign their positions in the church...yet, how many pedophile priests have they protected in the Catholic Church, one of the strongest opponent to same sex marriages....the message being what. "It's OK for priests to molest children, but don't allow gay men and women to marry?"  How many ministers have had affairs, and how many ministers preaching against gay relationships have been caught in one?

The message out of North Carolina that they bill passed yesterday was not about gays, but about marriage, and preserving its religious model of being between one man and one woman is poppycock, but do not see the news media calling the religious right pundits on that fact.  How about questions like, "As a racist religious bigot, how do you feel today about denying gay citizens the right to have a family?"  This blog will state the truth, and the truth is, based on the voting, North Carolina is a state full of racist, homophobic bigots and the rest of the United States should boycott the state, do our best to collapse it's tourism trade, and continue said boycott until such time as Gay Marriage is legalized in the state.