Saturday, February 18, 2012

Any One Taking Bets?

Sitting here watching CNN, three hours into the family saying Goodbye to Whitney Houston, and find myself wondering how long it will be before the "Whitney Houston Funeral Service Platinum Edition" (hmmmm, should I trademark or copyright that DVD title?) goes on sale at   Not meaning to rain on the woman's parade, but enough already...she is not Royalty, not the Duchess of York...she was a woman with a great voice who was also an addict.  She deserves a very nice PRIVATE service...putting it on CNN for three hours while people are dying in Syria seems way over the top.  A 30 second sound bite at say the half hour would be more than ample.

So seriously, anyone taking bets on how long it will before we see the "Whitney Houston Funeral Service Platinum Edition" on sale in a Walmart store?  

I mean CNN already sells copies of some of their shows through the ITunes case you missed it, they have been LIVE BLOGGING the service!  You can also see her life in blog snippets  boiled down into little 300 pixel posts.  Let's not forget, it was also CNN that brought us those NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures of Whitney, the early years.  The marketing package is almost together, and the minister has not even preached yet.