Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday "News on the Run" Whitney Funeral Service to Be Intimate Affair....NOT!

Woke up to flurries this morning as the streets of downtown Mountaindale were covered up in a thin layer of the white stuff.  Everything always looks so fairytale like during a snow storm, even one that is depositing well less than one inch of snow on the ground.  Our weather forecast calls for the day to get warmer (45) with these flurries turning to rain with an 80 percent chance of precipitation.  Thinking it is a great day to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

The news channels are still doing their Whitney Houston 24/7 wall to wall coverage, informing us this morning that the Houston Family will be holding a small private service in Newark, New Jersey this Saturday FOR 1500 PEOPLE, most of them stars and notables.  Come on, a funeral service with 1500 people inside, and a large JUMBO screen outside for fans to watch IS NOT A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY AFFAIR!  Secondly, ask yourselves...until her untimely demise, how often in the past ten years had Houston been in the news in a big way?  Almost never?  Now all of a sudden, we are being forced to endure eight days of wall to wall Whitney Houston?  Enough already.  I also question the governor of New Jersey's decision to order all state flags flown at half mast to honor the passing of a woman who in death was/is a drug addict and alcoholic if the stories in the press are too be believed. the EVERYBODY GETS A TURN ON TOP Republican Primary, seems it is Santorum's turn to be on top as National Polls show him in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, and leading in the polls for both Ohio and Michigan as their primary days get ever closer.  Could this be the greatest collapse and burn of a ordained Republican Presidential Nominee, or instead will Republicans fall in line and send Mitt limping into the Fall Presidential Race?  Even DOGS don't like Romney!

How convenient...gas prices are going up, giving the Natural Gas industry more propaganda materials as they try to sell us on accepting FRACKING in our is the patriotic responsibility of those of us living atop huge reserves of shale gas to allow companies to come in and ruin our environments, water and health.