Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Winter Crispness in Air, and Wednesday "News on the Run"

In weather, the nights are back to that winter crispness with temperatures dropping down too 20 degrees, but the days are still going to seem closer to spring like with highs near or at 40 here in downtown Mountaindale for the next few days.  We will see what happens, but we do have snow flurries in the forecast for tonight, so we all might want to move our cars off the street as a precaution.

"News on the Run"

What can we say....Santorum upsets the Romney Apple Cart with the Primary Trifecta last night, winning big in two states, and pulling out a squeaker in Colorado.  The good news for was a huge night for him, and he is finally getting his turn as the Republican frontrunner.  The bad news for Rick...he like all the rest of the also ran's gets his chance to be the frontrunner.  Look for the attack adds and dirty laundry on Rick Santorum to hit the airwaves by nightfall today.  It was a horrible night for Mitt Romney, but of course the press is not really focusing in on that.  Ron Paul had a good night, and Newt...well, what can we say...maybe, just maybe it is time for him to pack up his tent and go home to Washington DC and his job as historical adviser.

Kid Rock's Detroit clothing line...made anywhere BUT DETROIT.  In some ways, this is no surprise...Kid Rock like the rest of the ONE PERCENT is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!  Oh...all those JOBS that Kid Rock's clothing line is creating here state side...SEVEN...yes, that's right...SEVEN.  In short, seems what is really being made is MONEY.  Kid Rock should get "Laugh Ins" fickle finger of fate award this week.

Syrian Activists PLEAD FOR HELP while China and Russia just say no, and the rest of the world stands by (including America) watching the slaughter in the streets.  Lets stop candy coating all this...China and Russia have blood on their hands, and their hands are wrapped around the throats of the Syrian people as a mad man president slaughters his people...the rest of the world politic is just as guilty.  There comes a time when you have to say "to hell with the UN Security Counsel, we are going in" and this is one of those times.

Forget the salad bar whining at the Iraq embassy...I would like to know why it is that we need close on to SEVENTEEN THOUSAND people to run ONE EMBASSY that has a scant 1700 embassy staff.  Come on Hillary, what is going on with those BLOATED NUMBERS.