Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday "News on the Run" and Other Stuff

Was briefly outside enjoying a very spring like day here in downtown Mountaindale as we experience the ongoing non-winter winter.  I mean seriously, this has to be one of the warmer winters on record, and the extended weather forecast for the rest of the month shows ABOVE AVERAGE TEMPERATURES. The up and down and all around weird weather we are experiencing sees me nursing yet another winter cold.  I don't mind snow and frigid temperatures, just wish it would get cold and stay there for awhile so that we can all acclimate.

In news of a BIG NATURE for us here in our small hamlet...we finally have an ATM machine in town.  You can access it any time that Uccelli Restaurant is open.  Do wish there was a way it could be outside where we could access it 24/7, but it is nice to be able to go get a little cash for things like our laundromat without having to drive over to Woodridge or Rockhill.
Two other notes about Uccelli Restaurant:
1.  There is now live music every Friday night.
2.  Every Saturday evening stop by Robert's Prime Rib's TASTY.
Sunday "News on the Run"

Whitney Houston has been buried, so hopefully my dearly loved news channels can get back to some normal programming.  Am I the only one that thought the coverage WAS WAY OVER THE TOP for a washed up, career over singer with a drug and alcohol abuse problem? Meanwhile, tonight on Piers Morgan, there is yet another special hour of Whitney Houston coverage.

Fracking is still a BIG TOPIC, and look for another major article on this important issue on this blog in the next day or two.

Like the spoiled school yard bully who got caught and finds himself in timeout, Iran is throwing a temper tantrum, cutting off its own nose to spite its face as they stop selling crude to France and Britain.  Guessing those sanctions are having more of an effect than they are letting on.

States pass TOUGH Immigration laws, and ILLEGAL ALIENS leave.  Courts wrongfully step in and gut those laws, and ILLEGAL ALIENS RETURN.  Just goes to show you, enforcement would actually work if the federal government and courts left it up to the states to enforce the federal laws that our federal government does not enforce.  So much for us being a nation of laws.