Saturday, February 18, 2012

Should Vermont Governor Use National Guard Troops To Shut Down Vermont Yankee

F 16 Enforced NO NUKE ZONE for Vermont Yankee?
On CNN they just had a story on the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant that is owned by the Entergy corporation that also owns the trouble plagued Indian Point reactors here in New York.  As is the case all over America, Vermont no longer wants their nasty vile neighbor Entergy with its leaking dangerous nuclear reactor that has the same design flaws as the Fukishima Nuclear Reactors in Japan.  The original contract of sale said the state of Vermont had a say in extending their license...Entergy was fine with that till the state excised their option and told Vermont Yankee, "We do not want you."
Just Like in America...
TOKYO — In surprisingly frank public testimony on Wednesday,Japan’s nuclear safety chief said the country’s regulations were fundamentally flawed and laid out a somber picture of a nuclear industry shaped by freewheeling power companies, toothless regulators and a government more interested in promoting nuclear energy than in safeguarding the health of its citizens.
Entergy is using the courts to claim the state of Vermont is trying to usurp federal control over nuclear power plants...if this sounds vaguely familiar, think 20 million Illegal Aliens...some of whom Entergy has had working at their nuclear sites.  The NRC is siding with big surprise there since both the DOE and NRC are rubberstamping all reactor licenses in the name of SAVING THE INDUSTRY and giving birth to a Nuclear Renaissance.  A court battle could and will take years, perhaps decades, thus making any win Vermont would get in the courts shallow and empty.

I suggest a better idea...National Guard Troops.  Self rule and determination, as well as a signed contract give Vermont the right to shut down Vermont Yankee, the risks of allowing its continued operation simply to great to be, push the issue.  Bring in say 2,000 National Guard troops to force a cold shut down of the plant, and let President Obama decide the issue...does he really want to bring in Federal Troops to clash with Vermont's home troops?  For those wondering...yes, would like to see the same strategy deployed to shut down the reactors at Indian Point as well.  The days of the NRC forcing its will on the people at the local level needs to end, and someone has to draw a line in the sand...Vermont happens to be in the perfect place at the perfect time to DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND.

Vermont is better off using overwhelming force to shut down this dangerous reactor, and then and ONLY THEN let the case work its way through the courts over years or decades.