Saturday, February 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS-Super Star Whitney Houston Dead at 48 1963-2012

In tragic breaking news, super star and legend Whitney Houston has passed away.  She was at a pre-Grammy party (according to Larry King who was there), just days before her death...some said though she looked disheveled, she did not look deathly.  As the song says, "I'll Always Love You"...we have truly lost a musical giant who will be missed, and we will always love some of her songs..  Sadly, drugs and talent just don't mix, and in many ways this news though devastating does not come as that big of a surprise. This is the woman who was notorious for the quote, "Crack is Whack".

Follow up...this is tragic news, but it is not tragic enough news to have CNN interrupting all their normal broadcasting...they told us that Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, her family has been notified...can we get back to news of a less gossipy nature?