Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Weather, and "News on the Run"

Get out the winter clothes, move the cars off of Main Street here in downtown Mountaindale, and run to the store to lay in some staples...both Winter and snow are back.  Look for temperatures as low as 11 degrees outside....brrrrrrr, and we have snow in the forecast three days in a row.  It's going to be a COLD Valentine's day folks.  For more weather news, visit here.

"News on the Run"

Top news story today is the death of Whitney Houston...yes, she was beautiful, talented, possessed the  voice of an angel that covered five octaves, and her death is a tragic end to a troubled life.   Yet, we have to be honest, she threw what she had away, blew her fortune, and her star had faded long ago...yet, the media seems intent in her death to paint her as a saint, a star bigger than life that we should all be grieving...if one did not know better, you would think she is a female Michael Jackson that needs to be a deity now that she is gone.  From Fox News:
Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died Saturday night, Fox News confirms. She was 48.

Next up...Mitt Romney had a big day yesterday of sorts, winning a straw poll, as well as the Maine Caucus with Santorum running a respectable second.  Looks as if the conservatives are finally accepting their short, they cannot find that "anybody but Romney" candidate they hunger for, Santorum a likable enough true blue conservative who unfortunately is not presidential material...not that Mitt is either.  Newt...forget about it, he really should just fade away into the night...the word TOAST comes to mind.

The big news out of CPAC was not Romney winning, but Palin shooting a warning shoot over the bow of his ship, telling him straight up, "Work harder for the Conservative Vote, or face light voter turn out in November".  Well Sarah, as someone who has no intention of voting for Romney or any other Republican Candidate you folks put up this year, I am liking your threat...guessing here no one has told you that your star is FADING?

Syria is now using human shields on their tanks, placing captured activists underneath them as they rampage through the city of Homs...meanwhile, world government are standing by watching the slaughter, wringing their hands as if there is nothing any of them can do.  More disturbing...what are Syria's neighbors doing to help?  NOTHING!  Where is Turkey, where is Saudi Arabia?  Syria is in their back yard, do they not have a moral obligation to do more than sit on the sidelines DISCUSSING the matter?  Lets balance all this...almost no news about Syria on the Sunday Morning news, but PLENTY ON WHITNEY!  Lets get our priorities straight.