Tuesday, February 28, 2012

West Needs To Stop Tolerating Muslim Intolerance...Taking Peoples Lives Over Burning of Koran Shows Idiocy of Islamic Faith and Allah

Newt is right about one thing...Obama, the Pentagon, nor any other citizen of the world should have to apologize for burning the Koran.  Hello, it is a BOOK.  I can buy a new Koran for less than ten dollars on Amazon.com and used Korans for less than four dollars.  Could you imagine Americans killing say ten or so Muslims every time they burned the American Flag?  All the Muslim countries in the world would be up in arms, shouting their indignation at the United Nations, but let some American servicemen burn a few tattered used and even abused Korans, and a bunch of foaming of the mouth Islamic zealots want to whip the masses into a frenzy, want to think it is fine that they have killed and injured over 20 HUMAN BEINGS....give me a break.

Lets see, a book that I can buy used on Amazon for less than four bucks gets burned, and because of that, people get killed?  It's time that America stop coddling these Allah loving fruitcakes...and yes, anyone that would kill another human being for a old, used and worn prison Koran is a FRUITCAKE, and any God (Allah) that would condone the killing of human beings over a book left behind is no God, but a disciple of Satan himself. 

Lets put aside the political correctness, and reclaim our backbone...who cares if some discarded Korans that may have been used to send terrorist messages got burned up, incinerated?  Not this writer, nor this blog.  Trust me, those protesters would disperse if our troops stopped firing over the heads of those that are killing INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS, and started taking dead aim at those meaning us harm.  Forget accidentally burning a few Korans...lets gather up a few truck loads of them, and just to show it is not about religion, lets grab a few hundred Bibles, and books on every other religion, and burn those too. Tell me Muslims....is there ANY BOOK that gets burned that is truly worth taking another human being's life for?  If you say yes, then you are a religious zealot, a nutcase, a weirdo, a whack job, and you deserve to be locked away, not for a time, but for the rest of your life.