Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday "News on the Run" Torah Recovered

TORAH RETURNED...Celebration Video
Back in January we brought you news that the Landfield Avenue Synagogue in Monticello had their Torah stolen.  This very important religious artifact, handwritten in Israel had a value of $35,000.  In browsing the news this evening of a local nature,was very happy to find that the thief has been captured, and the Torah safely returned to its home inside one of the Synagogue's three Holy Arks...some great police work, and we are thrilled for them.

In other Downtown Mountaindale news, seems the rumor mill has it that we are getting a new store at 60 Main Street...once the future home of "Second Time Around".  We are all very excited about the prospect of yet another business coming to our small hamlet.  Also, stay tuned...seems there is a Valentine's Baking Contest about to be announced.

Hermann Cann endorsed Newt, and we asked, WHO CARES?  Today, Mr. "It's all about ME" Trump endorsed Mitt Romney, and again we ask, WHO CARES?

Another reason why OLD ANTIQUATED American Nuclear Reactors should not be relicensed....they do not make parts like they used too.  The tubes for a brand new Steam Generator in California show DANGEROUS SIGNS OF THINNING, presenting a great risk of a serious nuclear incident.  What is the NRC doing about it....NOTHING!