Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday "News on the Run" Did Whitney Commit Suicide?

Lets see...the coroner is not talking (at least publicly, or on the record) but one of our own gossip rags here in New York (NY Daily News) is reporting "Whitney Houston may have accidentally drowned" in her tub at the Hollywood Hotel.  Specifically how did she drown?  According to the paper...
Whitney Houston apparently drowned in her bath after ingesting a cocktail of prescription sedatives - the latest in a string of accidental celebrity overdoses on legal pills.
So, someone INGESTS a cocktail of prescription drugs (with or without alcohol?) and then slowly slides herself down in to a tub of water (hot or cold?) and then DROWNS?, that sounds like suicide, but GOD FORBID we should label a superstars actions suicide when there is a reputation to protect in the name of what?  Post death record sales?
In other news...Did Mitt Romney steal the CPAC straw poll on Saturday, and do we really care? Rick Santorum seems to think so, and I would suggest he not be crying sour grapes as it will put him on the fast track to Newt land.

Obama to release his RED INK 2012 budget today.  You can count on two things...Republicans will be screaming like ban-gees telling us we cannot tax the job creators (uber rich like Mitt Romney), and the Democrats will be out on the airwaves claiming the Republicans are short, look for the president's budget to go nowhere as gridlock rules supreme inside the beltway.