Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Subcommittee Chairman Harris Owes Gasland Director Josh Fox and America an Apology

My name is Andy Harris and I like being FRACKED.
For those that missed it last week, Gasland Director Josh Fox was arrested on Capital Hill for trying to film (drum roll please) a Sub Committee hearing on FRACKING.  Seems that the Subcommittee Chairman, one Mr. Harris had his panties in a knot, and is no big fan of our "Freedom of Speech".

Well, there is a move afoot to force Mr. Harris to do the right thing and apologize to both Josh Fox, and the citizens of America for his egregious actions...would not hurt if he also, in an attempt to make amends, gave back to the oil and gas industry all the donations he has gotten for his loyal support of such environmentally dangerous industrial practices such as fracking.  Read the press release, then send it to all your friends.  Click on the link, and sign the petition demanding an apology.


Dear friends,

Last week, Josh Fox, award-winning director of
Gasland, was arrested for trying to film a public Congressional hearing on hydrofracking.

This is an unambiguous violation of the First Amendment. But why? What could they be discussing that they don't want the world to know about? If fracking is so safe, there must not be any reason to hide the details, right?

Freedom of the press applies, even on Capitol Hill. Join me in calling on Committee Chair Rep. Andy Harris to apologize, and to allow journalists -- including citizen journalists, bloggers and filmmakers -- to cover hearings.

Thousands have already signed the emergency petition. Join the call to protect our First Amendment rights:

P.S. -- Once you've signed, help spread the word. Please forward this message to your family, friends, neighbors -- anyone who cares about the First Amendment or preserving our fresh water sources:

Proof that Rep. Andy Harris is browning nosing FRACKING INDUSTRY here or even here. No wonder he tried to keep Josh from filming the hearing.