Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday "News on the Run"...Eli Does It Again

Just another beautiful day in paradise as temperatures remain abnormally spring like here in downtown Mountaindale...Weather today is simply gorgeous with temperatures close to 45.  Tomorrow is still sunny as temperatures start dropping...Wednesday is hump day, and we could see day time freezing temperatures and some snow is potentially in the forecast.  So, if you need to go shopping for staples, might want to get that done today or tomorrow.

Here in New York, "News on the Run" is all about the big game as the New York Giants are again the reining Super Bowl Champions.  Who would have thunk it. Interesting question...just how FAIR is the Google ranking system when a Google search of "Giants Super Bowl Champs" miraculous brings up in the 1 and 2 positions authorized sites SELLING SPORTS GEAR!

My own favorite part of the day...that would go to the adorable little girl who sang the "Star Bangled Banner" before our air hockey game mid afternoon.  She was maybe six or seven wearing a red tutu, and nailed every word in the National Anthem....JUST TOO CUTE.    Next on the list...THE FOOD.  Thank you Allen and Lorrie for letting me share in your family Super Day festivities.  Both the food and the company was awesome, and do mean AWESOME...OMG.  Tailgating has never been so much fun...even if the buffet was laid out in the dining room.  Great wings, dips, and the deserts were world class.

Overall, felt this years commercials were not as good as those in past years, but there were a few sterling standouts that caught my attention.  The Chrysler advertisement with Clint Eastwood was stellar.  However, my own nod for BEST OF THE BEST goes to the GM end days commercial...even if Ford is calling foul.  It was well done, humorous as hell, and the end line was a serious smack down of their long time rival.
I know everyone wants to jump up and down and talk about HOW GREAT the game was.  The Giants did win which is a good thing.  There were some 4th quarter heroics involving Manning, and of course everyone on both sides held their breath on the last play of the game.  That said, think if we are all honest, most of the game was PRETTY BORING.

Last but not least...Madonna really needs to fade away....she was not dancing at halftime, but walking around the stage, and still managing to almost fall backwards.  Her career at this point needs to follow the path of say Dean Martin....stay in the recording studio, and accept a big contract in Vegas...or, with her money she can build her own theater in Branson.

In news from the real world...UN Security Council vote on Syria goes down to defeat thanks to both China and Russia...once again, we see why the United Nation's no longer matters, and what most humanitarian nations need to do is help the people of Syria by imposing a "no fly zone", and doing all we can to arm the opposition.