Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday "News on the Run"...Mitt Buys Florida, Wants too Buy White House

OMG...wake up America.  The supposedly big story this morning...the time has come for the Republican Party to crown Mitt Romney as their candidate after he stomped Mitt Romney in the Florida Primary.  How about the story that every major news media is NOT long are we going to allow the Mitt Romney's of the world, and their corporately funded SUPER PACS to buy political office, and leave no doubt, they have the White House in their sites this election.  Mitt Romney and his SUPER PACS (that he DOES CONTROL) spent tens of millions of dollars in Florida, and ran over 13,000 commercials.  Compare those 13,000 commercials to Newt Gingrich's 200 commercials.   I am no fan of  Newt's, but lets all admit one real fact...MITT ROMNEY WANTS TO BUY THE WHITE HOUSE.

Super Bowl Rewards Pedophile?
Are the New England Patriots, the NFL and it's star studded Super Bowl Game rewarding a pedophile? It seems that the Patriots playing of “Hey Song,” after every touchdown is steering royalty money into the pocket of convicted child molester Gary Glitter's your homework folks, and if it is true that a pedophile is being financially rewarded in this fashion, FIND A NEW THEME SONG.  Seriously folks, we do not need a Super Bowl Pedophile Payout.  New England is not the only team that claims this can also add the Indianapolis Colts. 

McDonald's stops using ammonium-hydroxide laced pink slime in its hamburger meat...question is, what kind of slime have they replaced it with?  As an FYI, ammonium-hydroxide is  used as a household cleaner, used in fertilizers, and the compound releases flammable vapors sort of like waterin close proximity to FRACKED gas wells.  With the addition of certain acids, it can be turned into ammonium nitrate, a common component in homemade bombs. Aren't you glad to know just what McDonald's is willing to put into your child's Happy Meal burgers?

In 2012, Native America Indians in South Dakota are being denied Equal Rights when it comes to absentee or Early Voting.  Seems that the average (white) citizens in South Dakota have 46 days to file their absentee ballots, but the Native Americans get just six days.  The Oglala Sioux Tribe has filed a case in Federal Court.