Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's That Time of Year...Girl Scout Cookie Ordering Time is Here!

Help Shape A Life...Order Yours Today
If you have been paying attention, there are little signs that my own favorite time of the year is here...well, the beginning of it.  YES, we can order our Girl Scout cookies for 2012...you can see a sign hanging in the window of 58 Main Street that provides a clue. 

If you do not have a Girl Scout come knocking on your door, or sending you an email to place your annual cookie order, you can always find a location where they are being sold by visiting the Girl Scout "Cookie Locator."  You can also download APPS designed to help you find cookies as well...now how cool is that?  To understand just how important this yearly fund raiser is, to see all the wonderful things that cookie money does you can visit this page.

Here in the Hudson Valley according the Girl Scout website, the official season does not start for another 21 days, but this writer is READY FOR IT.  For our local Girl Scouts, remember to get my order...I am usually good for at least a case...HEY, I love my Girl Scout Cookies....especially the Somoas!...OMG...give me a tall glass of icy cold milk, and can eat a full box in one sitting...so bad!  One new kind of cookie did make a brief appearance here in Mountaindale already and let me tell you, was a tasty treat.  Need answers?  Try following @girlscouts on Twitter!